Blank Materials for Infrared Optics

Umicore Infrared Optics offers built-to-print lens and assembly design as well as blanks made out of GASIR®, a chalcogenide glass with a much wider spectral range than Germanium as well as a dn/dt that is 8 times as low.


Umicore's GASIR® chalcogenide glass is an ideal material for both high-performance infrared imaging systems and high-volume commercial applications. GASIR® has a dn/dt 8 times lower than germanium and a much wider spectral range covering NIR, MWIR and LWIR. GASIR® can be finished with traditional manufacturing technologies as well as by molding.

Coated GASIR®1 has a wider transmission spectrum than germanium, and GASIR® blanks are less costly and more stably priced than germanium blanks.

GASIR®  - optics for new and existing applications

A unique molding process allows the manufacture of finished, spherical, aspherical and diffractive lens geometry in medium to large volume production runs with a competitive price-performance ratio. For low to medium volume needs GASIR® can be manufactured with polishing or diamond turning.

Compared with germanium, the traditional infrared material, GASIR® offers a wider transmission spectrum and much better possibilities to athermalize optics.

Umicore offers GASIR® both as blank material, lens or in off-the-shelf infrared lenses.

GASIR®'s key advantages are:

  • More stable pricing than germanium with the possibility for long term fix pricing
  • Wider spectral range than germanium. GASIR® is transparent from 0.8 µm up to 16 µm
  • 8 times lower change of refractive index with temperature than germanium, allowing simple athermalized design
  • Molding process allowing for high volume, cost effective optics

Potential application fields for GASIR®  include:

  • Automotive night vision and sensing
  • Security and surveillance
  • Thermography and predictive maintenance
  • Fire fighting
  • Smart sensing
  • Defense

GASIR®1 for Infrared Optics

GASIR®5 for Infrared Optics


  • CIOE 2016

    Umicore is proud to exhibit at this year's China International Optoelectronic Exposition from September 6th till September 9th in Shenzhen, China. Join us at booth G01 in Hall 9!



  • 4 Mar 2016

    Umicore is proud to announce another addition to its range of off-the-shelf LWIR lenses. This 3.7 mm f/1.3 lens is compatible with the latest-generation of 12 µm detectors and more.